[Video] Rottweiler Puppy wonders where Mom Went?

Rottweiler’s are brave — after they grow up!

This little puppy is trying to be a brave dog, but afraid of the outside. Never been outside before… you would be scared too. Watch as the little guy gets his bearing and familiarity with the big bad world.

If you thought that Rottweilers were mean and sturdy, just see what this little one does in the video. Doesn’t seem like a “bad dog” to me. Of course, Rottweilers need proper training and nutrition to keep them focused.

Whatever you teach them, they will get it, and believe it, and do it. Teach em’ right, they can be a loyal, reliable protector for you. They all start small, so it’s up to you what they become! So… be a good dog trainer and teach em’ the “good dog” stuff. Enjoy the video of Moose, the little Rotti.

This is Moose a 3 week old Rottweiler puppy. This was his first trip outside.

Rottweiler’s have a somewhat undeserved reputation for being aggressive. While they may be aloof and ‘standoffish’ with strangers (which is not surprising giving its guarding heritage), the Rottweiler’s general nature is one of even temper, placid, devoted and calm. While they will react to their surroundings, as a confident dog, it will do so with considered measure.

With its innate herding and guarding instincts, it will naturally want to protect its family pack and environment and when this is coupled with good socialisation and training from a very early age, the Rottweiler’s loyalty is second to none. See more here…